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Timeshare Closing Questionnaire
Simply complete our brief questionnaire. Timeshare Transfer will do the rest.
All information provided online is secured by way of a secure SSL connection with your browser.
Only information required to complete the transfer will be requested. No information is released or shared with anyone unless such information is required to complete the transfer.
If you still feel uneasy about providing the information online or have any questions, we will gladly help you through the process over the phone and answer any questions you may have.
Phone: (772) 299 - 4242
Fax (Toll Free): (877) 849 - 0657
Timeshare Transfer, Inc.
P.O. Box 651280
Vero Beach, FL 32965
Customer Information
Please provide as much information as possible. If you don't have some information, that's OK. Our service includes a phone call to both Buyer and Seller to confirm all details of the transaction.
1. Seller (Grantor)?




Zip Code

Day Phone

2. Buyer (Grantee)?




Zip Code

Day Phone

Marital Status of Each Buyer

3. If two or more Grantees, how should title be stated in deed?
Joint Tenants With Full Rights of Survivorship - Equal ownership by two or more persons. When one person dies, that person's ownership passes to the surviving owners.
Tenants in Common - Equal ownership by all parties, except that, upon the death of one person, that person's share does not go to the surviving owners, but is transferred to the deceased person's estate.
4. Fax or Mail Deed
A copy of Seller's current recorded deed must be faxed or mailed to Timeshare Transfer, Inc.

Toll Free Fax: 877-849-0657

Timeshare Transfer, Inc.

P.O Box 651280

Vero Beach, FL 32965

5. Don't Have or Can't Locate Current Deed?
If you don't have, or can't locate, a copy of your current deed, we can help. We'll track it down through county records so your transfer can move forward.

Please research and obtain a copy of my deed for $25.00

Details of the Sale
Please provide the agreed upon Purchase Price and other details of the sale. We will collect purchase funds and hold them safely in escrow pending receipt of the Seller's properly executed documentation transferring ownership.
1. Purchase Price ($):

2. Other Amounts Due ($):

3. Less Deposits Made ($):

4. Net Amount Due to Seller from Buyer ($):

Timeshare Resort Information
Our service includes fees associated with recording our prepared deed in the Public Records of the County where the property is located up to $50.00. Once we receive the recorded deed, we will send a copy to the resort to notify them of change of ownership.
1. Resort Information?

Resort Name

Resort Management Company

2. If there is a transfer fee charged by the Resort, who will pay this fee?
Buyer Seller

Contact and Payment Information
Please provide the following information so that we may commence your closing. Feel free to add any comments that you think important to the transfer, tell us how you found us, and how you would like to pay for your closing. A Timeshare Closing Agent will be in touch to confirm all details and to answer any questions you may have.
1. Your telephone number and email address during business hours if we have questions:
Phone Number- * Required

I am the Buyer Seller
Email Address - * Required
2. Questions or Comments:

3. Please let us know how you found out about us:

For search engine or other, please mention the specific referral

4. Payment Information:

Name on Credit Card

Credit Card Number

Credit Card Type

Expiration Date

Billing Address

Billing Zip Code

Timeshare Transfer has invested in state-of-the-art technologies that enable us to provide the highest level of safety surrounding your personal information. We utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt the data you provide us while placing an order online.

We are a certified VeriSign client and we subscribe to services to verify that our online shopping process is secure and safe.

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